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Michael Babcock, author of Susan Seddon Boulet, A Retrospective writes: “If I had to pick just one piece to represent Susan, this would be the piece.” Not only does it portray her favorite fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, it also is a wonderful example of her creative process. In an interview, Susan said:

“One time I was working on a piece and I covered it with color and there was nothing there and I left it and it rained and the rain came through my skylight and created Beauty and the Beast. There were these spots on the paper that looked just like leopard spots and so this blank piece then became the piece that’s now called Beauty, which is Beauty and the Beast. But it was incredible because then I had the accident, which created the piece. So the thing is to seize the accident; whereas before I would always see it as failure, now I see it as an opportunity.”

The classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, which forms a segment of Susan’s favorite myth, Psyche & Eros, includes many of the themes that were near and dear to Susan’s heart and blossomed there, much as the rose in this painting: transformation, growth, reconciliation, emergence, beauty, romance, seeing beyond the surface and the integration of male and female.

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