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"Psyche and Cupid"
Medium Date Framed Size Image Size
Oil Pastel/Ink on Artist Board 1974 25-1/4H x 21-3/8W 17-3/8H x 13-1/2W
From Michael Babcock: This is an exciting and important piece, the first of many depictions of the story of Psyche and Eros that Susan painted through the years. (The Roman mythological god Cupid, was recognized in Greek mythology as the god Eros.) It was Susans favorite myth for checking her inner progress, seeing it as a model for the psychic development of feminine consciousness toward individuation (the realization of the Self). For her, it was, describing the feminine journey in search of its own divine nature. And it was about balance: at the end, Psyche and Eros could reunite because they each harmonized masculine and feminine within themselves. Susan said "Its been a good guide myth for me . . . if Ive done a piece, if a piece inspires me, I can look at it and say: Oh, this is whats occurring in my life, this is the stage that Im in. . . . I can watch my own development through the years by seeing where Psyche is in her journey."

Michael Babcock: In this early depiction of the myth, there is a fairy-tale feel; the figures are youthful, as if reflecting that Susan had not yet started her own conscious journey.

This original work has been re-framed with an antiqued, textured, gold-flecked, custom wood frame. Archival triple-matted with, textured paper top mat and linen top mat. Acid-free materials throughout and re-glazed with Conservation Clear, Tru-Vue, UV protective glass. Signed by Susan Seddon-Boulet, bottom-right. Dated Sept 74.

Opening Offer: $2,100 USD Current High Offer: $2,100 USD High Bidder: dan*****ol.com
Tuesday, May 23, 202312:36:23 PM$2,100.00dan****ol.com
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